Comfortable Fire Resistant Antique Cork Floating Flooring

Comfortable Fire Resistant Antique Cork Floating Flooring
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comfortable fire resistant antique cork floating flooring

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Model N.O FG281530A

A Cork Floating Floor plank incorporates a middle layer of fibreboard – preferably High Density Fibreboard (HDF) with moisture resistant properties. The middle layer allows for a locking system to be introduced for ease of installation. The middle HDF layer is what makes this floor susceptible to water, moisture and more importantly high humidity. For this last reason, Floating Cork Floor should never be installed in bathrooms with shower or tub.

When deciding on which floor to install a quick assessment of where you are looking to install the floor will offer insight into which floor is appropriate. A Floating Cork Floor cannot be installed in a bathroom because of the high humidity. Cork flooring tiles cannot be installed in a basement. A glue down tile can have issues “at grade” if the cement slab it is being glued to does not have a moisture barrier incorporated into it. A glue down tile should be used when installing cork in a laundry room. Washing machines are notorious for leaking or having their drums empty onto the floor. For this reason a water proof floor, such as cork flooring tiles can offer, is the requirement in laundry rooms.


In order to avoid any surprises or disappointments with your cork flooring expectations it is important that you recognize and understand the natural characteristics of cork floors.


Shade variation of cork floors – cork floors are high quality natural materials and should be recognized as such. Shade variation is an inherent and attractive characteristic of all natural products, whether cork, wood, marble, bamboo, or any other natural floors. Shade and color variances from tile to tile should be expected and enjoyed.



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