Eco-friendly Wear-resisting Long-term Use Antique Cork Floating Floor for Living Room

Eco-friendly Wear-resisting Long-term Use Antique Cork Floating Floor for Living Room
Product Details

eco-friendly  wear-resisting  long-term use antique cork floating floor for living room


Product description

Model N.O FG281542C

Antique cork floating flooring ---Antique flavor, Wealth and Comfortable

The surface texture of antique tiles are made of modern digital spray printing technology that is realistic, high quality and full of antique flavor. It is soft, resilient and with no radiation. You cannot feel cold when you are sitting,lying, standing and barefoot walking.


· Charge Unit: 1m²

· Material: Cork

· Origin : China

· Surface Process : pu/uv varnished

· Range of The Application: family/commercial

· Thickness: 8.5mm/11mm

· Size: 915*305*8.5mm/customizable

· brand: LAUCORK

· type: floating


Features & benefits 

· Durable and comfortable — unlike tile, laminate or hardwood, cork is compressible with an elastic composition; resists damage and is relaxing on the feet and knees

· Quiet, warm and beautiful — a perfect sound and thermal insulator; visually seamless appearance

· Anti-static, hypoallergenic — reduces risk of electric shock; prevents dust and dirt accumulation

· Impermeable — suberin, the waxy constituent of cork, repels liquids and gas alike; resists moisture and mold growth

· Fire-retardant — a natural fire-inhibitor; will not spread flame

· Eco-friendly — made from renewable resources; 100% upcycled

· Easy installation — glueless click system is DIY

· Easy maintenance — repairable and long-lasting

· Lifetime warranty — limited to finish and structure in a residence; commercial warranty is limited for five years light/medium commercial

· Safe — for everyone, including the chemically sensitive; 

· Non-toxic — made from all-natural materials; will not pollute indoor air quality or off-gas harmful chemicals

Question 7:  Is the color of all cork flooring consistent?

Answer:  Cork floorings are high quality, natural materials and should be recognized as such.  Some shade variation is an inherent and attractive characteristic of all natural products, whether cork, wood, or bamboo.

Question 8:  Should I be installing the Floating Floors or the glue down Cork Decor floors?

Answer:  The shape of the subfloor is usually the deciding factor.  If the subfloor is in poor condition with many cracks, old vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl, grimy or dirty the use of floating floors would be recommended.  The use of a floating floor over poor subfloors avoids the need to prepare costly subfloors as long as the floor is reasonably level.  Also, if there is any risk of moisture migration from a concrete slab than a floating floor properly installed with a moisture barrier (see answer 5 above) is also recommended.  The glue down Cork Decor floors can be used over any subfloors (wood or concrete) which are dry, clean and free of dirt, grease, wax or anything that would hinder a good bond and where cracks have been filled.



The biggest cork flooring manufacturer in Asia with the capacity of 3 million square meters

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