Comfortable Butterfly Classical Cork Floating Flooring

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comfortable butterfly classical cork floating flooring


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Model N.O JD101202

Classic cork floating flooring ---Reveal fashionable quality

Classic cork floating floors are made from first-class materials and technology. Not only we sale in our country but also we sale products overseas.




· Charge Unit: 1m²

· Material: Cork

· Origin : China

· Surface Process : pu/uv varnished

· Range of The Application: family/commercial

· Thickness: 8.5mm/11mm

· Size: 605/450/11mm/customizable

· brand: LAUCORK

· Type: floating

Cork flooring, cork flooring and solid wood flooring, more environmentally friendly, while the effect of sound insulation and moisture-proof effect is more excellent. Cork flooring

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Cork flooring:

  1, feel soft and comfortable cork floor with health, soft and comfortable, Juegan good, anti fatigue characteristics. Each cork cell is a closed air sac, the external pressure will be reduced when the cell, the internal pressure, the pressure, the air pressure in the cell will restore the original cell. The rebound of the cork can be greatly reduced due to the long standing of human back, leg, ankle pressure, and is conducive to the protection of elderly knee, for accidental falls can play a buffer role, which can minimize the damage degree of the human body.

  2, slippery good performance at the same time, cork flooring has a good anti slip, relatively speaking, the characteristics of non slip compared with other floors is also its biggest feature. Cork floor skid coefficient is 6, the elderly in the above walk is not easy to slide to increase the safety of the use of.



The biggest cork flooring manufacturer in Asia with the capacity of 3 million square meters

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How to Install Floating Cork Flooring

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