Warmth Comfortable Classic Cork Floating Flooring

Warmth Comfortable Classic Cork Floating Flooring
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warmth comfortable classic cork floating flooring


Product description

Model N.O JD101203

Classic cork floating flooring ---Reveal fashionable quality

Classic cork floating floors are made from first-class materials and technology. Not only we sale in our country but also we sale products overseas.

Cork Flooring not only natural, environmental protection, health, but also tread quiet, warm, comfortable, elastic, this is because the cork grass roots absorb past footsteps and pressure, and keep warm. Therefore cork flooring becomes the highest realm of laying wood material on the ground. In Europe decoration industry is called ground material soft gold, like in mahogany furniture, song Porcelain holdings, is comfortable, noble, elegant, warm, value, cultural embodiment. Cork floor soft, quiet, comfortable, wearable, to the elderly and children's accidental falls, can provide a great cushion, its unique sound-absorbing effect and insulation performance is also very suitable for bedroom, meeting rooms, libraries, studios, theatres, kindergartens, schools, multi-media and other places.




Residential Finish Wear

25 Years

Residential Structural

25 Years

Commercial Finish Wear

10 Years

Commercial Structural

10 Years







Chemically-sensitive safe


Test before use

Yes, test on inconspicuous area




Standard or customize

Thickness or Height

8.5MM    11MM







Recycling or Disposal





Beveled or vertical


Durable UV-cured acrylic varnish

Floor Item Type


Floor Type


Grade Installation

Above, Below


Click, Floating

Joint System

Drop & Lock




Features & benefits 


1, feel soft and comfortable cork floor with health, soft and comfortable, Juegan good, anti fatigue characteristics. Each cork cell is a closed air sac, the external pressure will be reduced when the cell, the internal pressure, the pressure, the air pressure in the cell will restore the original cell. The rebound of the cork can be greatly reduced due to the long standing of human back, leg, ankle pressure, and is conducive to the protection of elderly knee, for accidental falls can play a buffer role, which can minimize the damage degree of the human body.

2, slippery good performance at the same time, cork flooring has a good anti slip, relatively speaking, the characteristics of non slip compared with other floors is also its biggest feature. Cork floor skid coefficient is 6, the elderly in the above walk is not easy to slide to increase the safety of the use of.

· Durable and comfortable — unlike tile, laminate or hardwood, cork is compressible with an elastic composition; resists damage and is relaxing on the feet and knees

· Quiet, warm and beautiful — a perfect sound and thermal insulator; visually seamless appearance

· Anti-static, hypoallergenic — reduces risk of electric shock; prevents dust and dirt accumulation

· Safe — for everyone, including the chemically sensitive;

· Non-toxic — made from all-natural materials; CARB compliant, GreenGuard certified

· Easy installation — glueless click system is DIY, use below, on or above grade

· Impermeable — suberin, the waxy constituent of cork, repels liquids and gas alike; resists moisture and mold growth

· Fire-retardant — a natural fire-inhibitor; will not spread flame

· Eco-friendly — made from renewable resources; 100% upcycled

· Easy maintenance — through-body color is repairable and long-lasting

· 25-year warranty — limited to finish and structure in a residence; commercial warranty is limited for ten years light/medium commercial



The biggest cork flooring manufacturer in Asia with the capacity of 3 million square meters

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