Clean Brown Gray No Radiation Marble Cork Floating Flooring

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clean  Brown gray No Radiation marble cork floating flooring


Product description

Model N.O CZ121416

cork marble textured floating flooring ---get rid of coldness, much more warmth

The surface texture of cork marble textured floating floors are made of modern digital spray printing technology It makes you feel soft, resilient and with no radiation, is much more warmer than marble tiles when you are sitting,lying, standing and barefoot walking. It can be applied to bathroom, kitchen and shower area, end the period of coldness.



· Charge Unit: 1m²

· Material: Cork

· Origin : China

· Surface Process : pu/uv varnished

· Range of The Application: family/commercial

· Thickness: 8.5mm/11mm

· Size: 915*145*8.5mm/customizable

· brand: LAUCORK

· Type: floating


Product Details

Environmental adhesives and surface coating does not contain formaldehyde, volatile and hazardous substances, formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 0.1mg / l.

Fashion new simulation technology that can copy natural colors to all natural, environmentally friendly cork texture.

Wear-resistant international advanced flexible crystal surface wear-resistant new technology, will be able to improve wear resistance 10 times to meet the needs of the enterprise environment, surface wear resistance: 0.04g / 100 r.

The unique elasticity of compression cork, indentation can make high heels or heavy furniture in the above pressure recovery, softwood layer, high density 700 kg / m3 residual indentation: less than 0.4%.

Mute special airbag structure, is a natural alternative to sound absorption, noise reduction of the excellent material, can greatly reduce the walking, jumping or loud noise, noise reduction up to 20 dB.

Natural and soft body to relax when walking, buffering, dispersing external forces, and reducing the physical damage caused by accidental falls.

Is cork flooring a new idea?
Cork flooring was first used popularly at the end of the 19th century. By the early 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright was incorporating cork flooring in some of the public buildings he designed. Many of these buildings still feature these original cork floors.

Where can I use cork flooring?
Cork flooring tile can be used in any type of room in your house or business. Kitchens are one of the most common places where cork flooring can be found since it's comfortable to stand on and easy to clean.



The biggest cork flooring manufacturer in Asia with the capacity of 3 million square meters

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