Impact Resistance forever Low Abrasion Marble Cork Floating Flooring

Impact Resistance forever Low Abrasion Marble Cork Floating Flooring
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impact resistance Forever low abrasion marble cork floating flooring


Product description

Model N.O DL151335

cork marble textured floating flooring ---get rid of coldness, much more warmth

The surface texture of cork marble textured floating floors are made of modern digital spray printing technology It makes you feel soft, resilient and with no radiation, is much more warmer than marble tiles when you are sitting,lying, standing and barefoot walking. It can be applied to bathroom, kitchen and shower area, end the period of coldness.



Residential Finish Wear

25 Years

Residential Structural

25 Years

Commercial Finish Wear

10 Years

Commercial Structural

10 Years







Chemically-sensitive safe


Test before use

Yes, test on inconspicuous area




Standard or customize

Thickness or Height

8.5MM    11MM







Recycling or Disposal





Beveled or vertical


Durable UV-cured acrylic varnish

Floor Item Type


Floor Type


Grade Installation

Above, Below


Click, Floating

Joint System

Drop & Lock




This product applies to family, hospital, kindergarten, old person apartment, computer room, library, laboratory, Studio, studio, Superior Hotel, conference room and so on many different places, particularly suitable for the need for quiet, anti-skid, water-resistant, moisture-proof borers

1, environmental protection: soft wooden boards using natural oak bark for raw materials, taken from natural, recycled, no stimulating smell, environmental health.

2, Mute: The soft plank can greatly reduce the people walking on the above noise pollution, to the floor of the upper layer noise can reduce 14-16 db.

3, good sense of foot: Cork by tens of thousands of dead cells to form a honeycomb structure, the cells are filled with air, forming a sealed airbag, in the pressure from outside, the cell will shrink, the cell in the air pressure rises; when external pressure loses, the air pressure inside the cell restores the cell to the original, reducing the pressure of the foot ankle.

4, Moth: Cork does not contain any nutrients, so there will be no moth erosion.

5, Fire: Cork has good resistance to high temperature and flame retardant function, oxygen index detection exceeds the general decorative material fire requirements, leaving the ignition will automatically extinguish.

6, Insulation: good insulation, suitable for heating room use.

Do cork floating floors require underlayment?
No. All AmCork's floating floors have an integrated cork underlay and do not require any other underlayment, just a vapor barrier in the form of a plastic (PE) sheet.

Are cork floors affected by moisture and temperature changes?
Just like wood, cork floors are subject to expansion and contraction due to climate. Cork as a rule is more stable than wood flooring for the fact that when wood expands, it does so only in the direction of the grain. With cork, the expansion or contraction process is dispersed in all directions. With proper acclimation, installation and maintenance, any expansion/contraction will not be noticeable.



The biggest cork flooring manufacturer in Asia with the capacity of 3 million square meters

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