The Old Room Decorate Persian Jade Marble Cork Floating Flooring

The Old Room Decorate Persian Jade Marble Cork Floating Flooring
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The old room decorate Persian jade marble cork floating flooring


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Model N.O YS291514

cork marble textured floating flooring ---get rid of coldness, much more warmth

The surface texture of cork marble textured floating floors are made of modern digital spray printing technology It makes you feel soft, resilient and with no radiation, is much more warmer than marble tiles when you are sitting,lying, standing and barefoot walking. It can be applied to bathroom, kitchen and shower area, end the period of coldness.


· Charge Unit: 1m²

· Material: Cork

· Origin : China

· Surface Process : pu/uv varnished

· Range of The Application: family/commercial

· Thickness: 8.5mm/11mm

· Size: 1200*145*8.5mm/customizable

· brand: LAUCORK

· Type: floating


Spills should be cleaned immediately. Chairs with casters should have minimum 2” casters. Use mats under these chairs to protect your finish from becoming dull. Furniture or chair feet should sit on wide coasters to prevent excessive indentation. Dispersing weight is important.


Your floor comes with a factory water based polyurethane finish. LAUCORK Floors recommends putting additional coats of Bona Kemi Traffic polyurethane in order to seal the seams to prevent any water penetration. Please keep in mind that all natural products are recommended to have a UV finish to protect the product from fading (See below for recommended care products). Use 220 grit or finer sand paper using a random orbital or hand sander to lightly abrade the finish. Problem areas must be abraded sufficiently in order to completely remove the imperfections in the polyurethane. DO NOT sand the polyurethane down to the raw cork.

It is the installer's responsibility for verifying the usage of the proper grit sand paper and other tools to ensure the finish is not scratched, gouged, or otherwise damaged during the abrading process. After the floor has been swept and cleaned and dried, apply water-based polyurethane on the abraded area.


Water Based Polyurethane:Bona Kemi – Traffic - Matte Finish

Bona Kemi – Mega – Matte Finish

Glitsa HP Water Based Polyurethane – Matte Finish

Loba Supra Water Based Polyurethane – Matte Finish
Cleaners:Bona Kemi Hardwood Flooring Cleaner
UV Finish:Pro-coat Aqua-pro finish


Is cork flooring suitable for a kitchen?
Cork floors are fine for a kitchen. They are very comfortable to stand on and easy to maintain as well as hypoallergenic and sound absorbent. It is recommended that after installation an additional coat of sealer be applied to the floor. This will prevent dirt and spills from penetrating through the joins. Sweeping and damp mopping should be part of your regular maintenance program as grit could act as sandpaper and scratch your additional coat of sealer. If the floor starts to show signs of wear, simply apply another topcoat and this should bring back the original luster to the floor.

Are cork floors suitable for a bathroom?
Yes, cork flooring is recommended for use in bathrooms. Precautions should be taken to protect the floor from excessive spills and water. After installation, it is important that you seal the around toilets and showers using a clear stainable caulk. This will help in preventing water damage getting into the sub-floors or walls.



The biggest cork flooring manufacturer in Asia with the capacity of 3 million square meters

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