Easy Maintenance Durable Anti-static Fireproof Parquet Glue Less Floating Flooring for Child Care Center

Easy Maintenance Durable Anti-static Fireproof Parquet Glue Less Floating Flooring for Child Care Center
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easy maintenance Durable anti-static fireproof parquet glue less floating flooring for child care center


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Model N.O LC111304

parquet floating flooring ---rolls out beautiful color

Cork flooring is a natural renewable products, durable, resistant to mildew. You will also enjoy the comfort provided by the foot, as well as the thermal insulation and sound insulation it provides. We have many styles and colors on the cork floor.



Residential Finish Wear

25 Years

Residential Structural

25 Years

Commercial Finish Wear

10 Years

Commercial Structural

10 Years







Chemically-sensitive safe


Test before use

Yes, test on inconspicuous area




Standard or customize

Thickness or Height

8.5MM    11MM







Recycling or Disposal





Beveled or vertical


Durable UV-cured acrylic varnish

Floor Item Type


Floor Type


Grade Installation

Above, Below


Click, Floating

Joint System

Drop & Lock




Natural, beautiful cork flooring

Cork flooring has become very popular with agencies and owners. It offers a unique look and is an environmentally friendly alternative to other flooring products.

The ecological forest is extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree, which grows only in Mediterranean countries. The origin of Kirk's ecological forest floor plantations is portugal.

Cork waste from the plug industry and low quality bark used in the production of particles. These are classified according to density and granularity. The floor tiles are made of cork particles which are combined with resin and are molded under pressure and heat to obtain the desired density.

In the past ten years, floating floor technology has been successfully adapted to cork tiles to produce the highest quality floor coverings. This floor has been used all over the world, the country has more than a century.

The bark of the cork tree is designed by nature to protect the tree during the average 500 years of life. Bark not only has fire resistance, but also the temperature change. It is important to note that only cork skins are stripped to the floor every 10 years. The tree itself will never be felled. The bark is a plant tissue made of dead cells filled with air and lined with cellulose and waxy substances called Cypress. Therefore, Cork oak tree name: oak trees. Thus, forests remain vibrant and habitat undisturbed.

Antimicrobial and insect pest control

Even termites are not popular. Su Bolin, the inherent substance of cork is natural insect repellent, also contains antibacterial agent to resist the development of mould. What is the perfect indoor crawling field for children! If you suffer from allergies, like a carpet-carpeted room warm feeling, this is definitely your best choice.

Heat and acoustic insulation

In addition to the cell structure of the prism shape, the presence of more than 100 million air bags per cubic inch of cork makes the impact of temperature and sound impossible. It can reduce impact noise, is a multi-level housing, office space, museums and places of worship and other applications of important assets.


Cork flooring is also a fireproof agent, not spreading flames. It also does not release any toxic gases when burning.


Cork provides a comfortable cushion under compression. It naturally rebounded, the furniture left behind the restoration traces will leave the smallest indentation, as the wood, carpet or vinyl base plates are evident.

Durable and easy to maintain

Cork flooring with three-storey durable UV curable flexible acrylic paint. These coats prevent spills and stains from penetrating onto the floor and causing damage. Only clean and damp mop is needed for regular maintenance.



The biggest cork flooring manufacturer in Asia with the capacity of 3 million square meters

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