Mould Proof Fungus Proof Block Floating Flooring

Mould Proof Fungus Proof Block Floating Flooring
Product Details

mould proof fungus proof block floating flooring


Product description

Model N.O LC111214

parquet floating flooring ---rolls out beautiful color

Wallpaper texture, hardwood texture, marble texture are lived again in the cork carpet. made of modern digital spray printing technology realized many kinds of products to match with, and enriched drawing-room pattern, created wonderful room.



Residential Finish Wear

25 Years

Residential Structural

25 Years

Commercial Finish Wear

10 Years

Commercial Structural

10 Years







Chemically-sensitive safe


Test before use

Yes, test on inconspicuous area




Standard or customize

Thickness or Height

8.5MM    11MM







Recycling or Disposal





Beveled or vertical


Durable UV-cured acrylic varnish

Floor Item Type


Floor Type


Grade Installation

Above, Below


Click, Floating

Joint System

Drop & Lock




Product Details
Low carbon renewable natural resources European imports of cork as the main raw materials, the selection of large-E1-level moisture-proof high-density plate as the substrate, the mainstream of the European and American markets Cork flooring category.
Environmentally friendly 100% elastic polyurethane or waterborne polyurethane adhesives and surface coatings do not contain formaldehyde, more non-volatile harmful substances, formaldehyde emission: ≤ 0.2mg/L.
Anti-slip unique honeycomb structure, its surface formed a myriad of small cups, even if there is water or oil, also has a strong anti-slip function, anti-skid coefficient up to 6 (highest level 7).
Wear-resisting international leading to the flexible crystal face new technology, wear resistance to improve 10 times times, to meet the needs of the business environment, surface wear-resistant: 0.04g/100r.
Compressive cork Special Elastic, can make high heels or heavy furniture pressure on the above indentation for short time to recover, residual indentation: 0.7%.
Mute special airbag structure, is the natural non-replaceable sound absorption, noise reduction excellent material, can greatly reduce the walking, jumping or loud noises, noise reduction of 20 decibels.
Safe and natural softness makes the body relaxed when walking, can cushion, disperse external forces, reduce accidental falls caused by bodily injury.
Simple suspension-free adhesive Unilin lock buckle patented technology, easy disassembly, micro-chamfering process, natural wax sealing edge, making daily use of special maintenance without waxing.
Fashion from traditional style to modern style, for interior decoration design and create a new milestone, can meet any decoration scheme.

Cork Flooring And Its Benefits
If you're considering installing cork flooring anywhere in your home, you're on the right track. This intriguing alternative is becoming more popular with each passing day.
Cork flooring is essentially made from mostly materials leftover from the manufacturing of other cork products like bulletin boards and wine corks. The original source material is harvested from the bark of a cork tree, leaving the tree itself intact and available for future harvests. Even the HDF core that serves as the foundation for the cork wear layer is also largely made from recycled materials, giving you a truly green floor.
Beyond its benefits as a sustainable and renewable resource, cork has an impressive list of benefits as flooring. Its naturally porous construction traps air creating a barrier of valuable insulation that actually prevents heating and cooling loss. It's also why cork flooring is warmer to the touch than other hard surface floors.
A common complaint among consumers (especially those with high or vaulted ceilings) is the sound of the floor. The nature of cork deadens sound, producing an acoustical barrier and a quieter step. Homes prone to echoing or that allow sound to travel easily from room to room will benefit from having a cork floor installed.
Cork is also naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and mildew. For families with sensitivity to allergies, cork is an excellent choice. It doesn't harbor the dust and allergens like carpet would, and is considerably easier to maintain. It might not be as durable as hardwood, bamboo, or laminate flooring, but cork flooring can be very durable. Like hardwood and bamboo, the cork surface is coated with multiple coats of polyurethane with aluminum oxide. This helps protect the floor from scratches caused by children, pets, and all the things that give our floors a difficult time. Few things in our homes take the beating our floors do, but the right cork flooring is up to the challenge.



The biggest cork flooring manufacturer in Asia with the capacity of 3 million square meters

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