Red Rosewood Natural Durable Hardwood Laminate Flooring for for Library for Gym for Kitchen

Red Rosewood Natural Durable Hardwood Laminate Flooring for for Library for Gym for Kitchen
Product Details

Red rosewood natural durable hardwood laminate flooring for for library for gym for kitchen


Product description

Model N.O SM161403

wood textured cork floating flooring ---hardwood texture, like the real wood

Take the digital spray technology into cork wood flooring series, natural wood texture is lived again in the surface of cork, can satisfy customers’ preference for wood flooring texture completely, compared to wood flooring, wood complex flooring, cork flooring has advantage of moisture resistance and waterproof, is high-end customer’s first choice for kitchen floor.




Residential Finish Wear

25 Years

Residential Structural

25 Years

Commercial Finish Wear

10 Years

Commercial Structural

10 Years







Chemically-sensitive safe


Test before use

Yes, test on inconspicuous area




Standard or customize

Thickness or Height

8.5MM    11MM







Recycling or Disposal





Beveled or vertical


Durable UV-cured acrylic varnish

Floor Item Type


Floor Type


Grade Installation

Above, Below


Click, Floating

Joint System

Drop & Lock




Features & benefits 

· Durable and comfortable — unlike tile, laminate or hardwood, cork is compressible with an elastic composition; resists damage and is relaxing on the feet and knees

· Quiet, warm and beautiful — a perfect sound and thermal insulator; visually seamless appearance

· Anti-static, hypoallergenic — reduces risk of electric shock; prevents dust and dirt accumulation

· Safe — for everyone, including the chemically sensitive;

· Non-toxic — made from all-natural materials; CARB compliant, GreenGuard certified

· Easy installation — glueless click system is DIY, use below, on or above grade

· Impermeable — suberin, the waxy constituent of cork, repels liquids and gas alike; resists moisture and mold growth

· Fire-retardant — a natural fire-inhibitor; will not spread flame

· Eco-friendly — made from renewable resources; 100% upcycled

· Easy maintenance — through-body color is repairable and long-lasting

· 25-year warranty — limited to finish and structure in a residence; commercial warranty is limited for ten years light/medium commercial

Cork floor How to maintain and maintain

1, if individual wear after three or five years of use, can be compensated locally, that is, in the local re-Tim Coating, the method is very simple, gently grinding in wear, remove dirt, and then use dry soft cloth gently wipe clean, coated, or locally coated polyester film.

2, for the cork floor surface brush paint with solid wood flooring maintenance, generally six months dozen floor wax. The cork floors with the resin wear-resisting layer are simple laminate flooring care.

3, to prevent heat damage. Avoid hot water cups and other high-temperature items directly on the floor, lest the surface of the heat film. At the same time should try to avoid direct sunlight on the floor long time, lest film by ultraviolet irradiation long lasting, premature cracking aging.

4, floor installation 24 hours after the furniture can be placed on the floor, 24 hours to minimize the movement of staff. When you leave home, please close the windows, doors, especially faucet, lest rain, dripping wet the floor.

5, cork floor maintenance is more convenient than other wood flooring, in the use of the process, it is best to avoid the sand particles into the indoor, with individual sand particles into, will not wear the floor. Because the sand is brought into the elastic layer of the foot, when the footsteps leave, will be ejected. Of course, here reminds, do not put too much dirty sand, this will still produce flow wear, so that the sand particles into the indoor should be promptly cleared, generally do not need to equip vacuum cleaner, do not worry about damp will warp, mildew, etc.



The biggest cork flooring manufacturer in Asia with the capacity of 3 million square meters

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